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Help a hedgehog

Hedgehog in autumn leaves. Photo Tom MarshallHedgehog in autumn leaves - Photo Tom Marshall

Hedgehogs are in trouble – research by People’s Trust for Endangered Species shows that hedgehogs have declined by 30% in the last 10 years alone and there are now thought to be fewer than one million left in the UK.

Have you found a hedgehog in distress?

Visit our Hedgehog rescue in Cumbria page

How to build a hedgehog a home in your garden 

Click the image to enlarge for an easy guide to making your hedgehog home:

  Make a hedgehog house

Hedgehogs will be really glad to find shelters like this in Autmn before cold winter arrives. You will be giving them a cozy safe haven where they can happily hibernate until spring. 



More ways to help hedgehogs in you garden 


Reporting a hedgehog sighting #CumbriaHedgehogs

Hedgehogs are disappearing from our towns and countryside and we need your help to track them down.

Look at a map of where other people have seen hedgehogs in Cumbria  

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