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  • Student James joins Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve team

    Tuesday 20th June, 2017

    James Barclay, work placement student at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve

    A student conservationist living in Ambleside has just landed what he calls his ‘dream work placement’ with Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

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  • Wanted: wonderful photos of Cumbria’s wildlife

    Monday 19th June, 2017

    Bumblebee by Andrew Walter

    Have you taken some wildlife photographs that you’re really proud of and want to share?

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  • Work parties and walks at Eycott Hill Nature Reserve this June

    Tuesday 6th June, 2017

    Guided walk at Eycott Hill Nature Reserve

    Cumbria Wildlife Trust is inviting people to join free guided walks this June to learn more about Eycott Hill Nature Reserve near Penrith.

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  • Storyteller brings Irish Sea tale to life

    Friday 2nd June, 2017

    Storyteller Ian Douglas will tell The Secret of the Sea at two launch events

    To mark the launch of a new family tale trail, The Secret of the Sea, Cumbria Wildlife Trust is running two free events on the coast this weekend.

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  • New poll reveals city-dwellers love nature but don’t get enough of it

    Thursday 1st June, 2017

    The Wildlife Trusts launch 30 Days Wild 2017. Photo: Katrina Martin 2020Vision

    30 Days Wild challenge from The Wildlife Trusts helps people enjoy nature every day

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  • Come and discover Kendal’s wild side

    Tuesday 23rd May, 2017

    Ash trees on Scout Scar. Photo: Judith Wallen

    Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the wildlife on your doorstep, while bagging two Wainwrights!

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  • Take part in Random Acts of Wildness at Eycott Hill Nature Reserve

    Tuesday 23rd May, 2017

    Families exploring the wetland at Eycott Hill Nature Reserve

    Families are encouraged to visit Eycott Hill Nature Reserve near Penrith on Saturday 3rd June to get ideas to bring more nature into their lives.

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  • Discover the Secret of the Sea

    Tuesday 16th May, 2017

    Mylo, Darragh and Canute the Quahog - characters in The Secret of the Sea

    This half term, why not introduce your children to Mylo the sea pen who loves to live in mud - ‘the gloopy, sticky kind’ - and his friend Brit, the delicate, five-legged brittle star?

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  • Can you go a little bit wild every day in June?

    Tuesday 16th May, 2017

    Sign up for 30 Days Wild 2017. Photo: Ross Hoddinot/2020 Vision

    This June why not swap a trip to the gym with a walk through your local park? Or make your lunch hour a ‘wild hour’, by getting away from your desk and seeing what nature you can find nearby?

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  • Can you help survey the grasslands of Westmorland?

    Tuesday 9th May, 2017

    Cumbria Wildlife Trust is running a course for volunteer grassland surveyors

    If you’re passionate about saving pignuts and eyebrights but need a helping hand to tell a marsh marigold from a globeflower, this free one-day course is for you.

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