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Benjamin's Adventures in Barrow

Benjamin loves his visits to Barrow as he meets lots of new friends and has some amazing adventures.

Benjamin visits the Green Heart Den

  One evening in springtime, Benjamin thought ‘I’d like an extra walk today, now that the evenings are getting lighter and the days are longer. Let’s visit ....the Green Heart Den….read more about Benjamin and Glen's adventure in the garden at the Green Heart Den and find out who their new very squeaky friend is!


Benjamin goes to Ormsgill Quarry

One evening in late summer, Benjamin said, ‘Let’s go out for a play; the rain has stopped and the sun’s come out and it’s a few hours yet until bedtime.’ ‘Hooray! Let’s go!’ yodeled Glen, who was ALWAYS keen to go out, so the two friends set off up the hill and went to discover a new place… Ormsgill Quarry.... read more about how Benjamin and his friend, Glen help the badger make his new home.


Benjamin's visit to Stank Moss

One June morning, Benjamin was looking at the map. ‘What
a funny name!’ he cried. ‘What is?’ asked Glen sleepily (he was
happy snoozing after breakfast). ‘Stank Moss,’ said Benjamin.
‘In fact, I think we’ll go and see what it’s like.... Who do you think Benjamin and Glen met at Stank Moss?  Find out more...


Benjamin goes to Vickerstown Park

One sunny afternoon in July, Glen decided that he and Benjamin should really stop snoozing and do something.
‘Come on,’ he said. ‘Lets go to Vickerstown Park...read more about who they encountered....



Benjamin goes to Abbots Wood

One evening in April, when the sun was still shining and the skies still blue, Benjamin thought it would be a nice idea to have a good walk before bed-time. ‘Shall we go to Abbot’s Wood?’ he asked Glen...... Their walk was rather scary.....find out why...


Benjamin goes to Ormsgill Reservoir

‘Where shall we go?’ he asked.‘Ormsgill Quarry was fun, so let’s go
to Ormsgill Reservoir... It’s sure tobe good!’ replied Glen.... Find out about Benjamin's new friend Trevor ....


Benjamin goes to town

  One rainy morning in September, Benjamin and Glen were sitting at home feeling a bit bored. The summer holidays were over, school had started again, and they didn’t know what to do.
‘I know’, said Benjamin, ‘Let’s go to town!’

Read the story to find out who Benjamin and Glen found behind a drainpipe!


Benjamin meets Solomon the slow worm

One dull morning, Benjamin and Glen were wondering what to do. ‘I’m bored,’ said Glen. ‘All I can do is snooze the day away.’ ‘Rubbish!’ replied Benjamin. ‘There’s always something to do and somewhere new to go...let’s go to the docks. I’ve heard there are slow worms to be found
there.’  Read all about who the pair met at Cavendish Docks


Benjamin visits Peil Island

   Today is a very special day,’ announced Benjamin. ‘ We’re going to Piel Island. It’s not far away from here and I’ve heard it’s a great place. They get in a boat, have a swim and meet some of the residents around the island.  Find out more in the story


Benjamin and Glen go pond dipping

One day in June, when the sun was shining brightly and the air was nice and warm, Benjamin and Glen decided to have an outing. ‘Let’s go pond dipping,’
said Benjamin.  Well...there was such a lot to see down at Mill Lane pond and they had a great time...read more


Benjamin visits Salthouse Pool

    One morning in April, Benjamin and Glen went to the supermarket. When they’d done their shopping and stocked up with biscuits and chews, they  realised they had a bit of spare time. ‘Where can we go that’s nearby?’ asked Glen. ‘I know!’ replied Benjamin, ‘We’ll try to find Salthouse Pool.’

Here in the reed beds they meet some summer visitors.  Read what they found out about them


Benjamin goes to the park

One day in springtime, when the birds were
singing and the blossom was on the trees, Benjamin was walking to the park.

There he made some very wriggly friends... find out more



If you have enjoyed reading about Benjamin's adventures in Barrow...why not find out more about his other adventures around Cumbria?



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