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Our Fundraising Promise

  • Save our Irish Sea

    Tuesday 23rd October, 2012

    Oyster bed in Irish Sea

    The floor of the Irish Sea has gone from being a carpet rich in wildlife to barren areas destroyed by dredging over the last two centuries.

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  • Sir Tony Cunningham MP signs a scale to protect our seas

    Wednesday 17th October, 2012

    MP Sir Tony Cunningham and MCZ Petition

    Sir Tony Cunningham MP is supporting The Wildlife Trusts’ Petition Fish campaign to protect our seas and the amazing wildlife it supports by signing a scale on a Petition Fish.

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  • Orton Moss Nature Reserve flourishes thanks to grant

    Friday 12th October, 2012

    Marsh Fritillary by Philip Precey

    Extensive work at a Cumbria Wildlife Trust nature reserve has attracted more wildlife and given better access to members, local people and visitors alike.

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  • Help make Christmas a celebration for wildlife too

    Tuesday 9th October, 2012

    Red Squirrel Christmas card

    As the days get shorter and the nights get chilly birds, squirrels, hedgehogs and thousands of other wildlife will be taking refuge on nature reserves in a fight to survive until next spring.

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  • Conference delves into the Irish Sea

    Friday 5th October, 2012

    Paul Rose speaks at MCZ Conference

    A major conference will delve deep into the Irish Sea to uncover some of its fascinating secrets.

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  • Artist raises money for charity

    Wednesday 26th September, 2012

    Spring at Leighton Moss by Fiona Clucas

    Local artist Fiona Clucas has donated £500 from the sales at her recent exhibition of artwork to local wildlife charity, Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

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  • Hay meadow flowers thrive thanks to team work

    Friday 21st September, 2012

    Hay meadow donor site in Ravenstonedale

    Volunteers have been working alongside staff at Cumbria Wildlife Trust to restore a hay meadow at Row Foot, Ravenstonedale.

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  • All things bright and beautiful are celebrated for Trust’s birthday

    Monday 17th September, 2012

    Trust members celebrating the Trust's 50th Anniversary at Great Salkeld

    A church service has been held (on Friday 14 September) at St Cuthbert’s Church, Great Salkeld, to celebrate the formation of Cumbria Wildlife Trust 50 years ago.

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  • Local charity Cumbria Wildlife Trust backs legacy campaign to support good causes

    Monday 17th September, 2012

    Bistort in churchyard

    Cumbria based charity Cumbria Wildlife Trust will be joining celebrities Michael Fish, Alastair Stewart, Margaret Mountford and Status Quo front man Francis Rossi, in support of this year’s Remember A Charity Week (17 – 23 September 2012).

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  • Grab your wellies and enjoy our wonderful wetlands with Cumbria Wildlife Trust

    Wednesday 5th September, 2012

    Banded demoiselle a species that frequents wetlands

    The UK’s wetlands range from small ponds and trickling streams to gushing rivers and massive reservoirs, and all are vitally important natural resources.

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