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  • Conservation’s a piece of cake with Booths

    Wednesday 9th May, 2012

    Cumbria Wildlife Trust 50th Anniversary cake credit Florence Acland Photography

    It’s all about tea and cake this week as Cumbria Wildlife Trust celebrates its 50th anniversary by hosting Big Buzz tea parties in five Booths’ cafes on 16th May.

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  • Party time as Cumbria Wildlife Trust is 50!

    Tuesday 1st May, 2012

    It’s party time at Cumbria Wildlife Trust with tea parties and conservation work parties dominating the 50th anniversary year.

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  • Walk for wildlife!

    Monday 23rd April, 2012

    Crossing Morecambe Bay

    Cumbria Wildlife Trust is inviting people to ‘walk for wildlife’ as it announces its annual Cross Bay Walk across the iconic Morecambe Bay sands.

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  • Rare anemone returns to Walney

    Monday 20th February, 2012

    Snakelocks sea anenome

    A survey of a Cumbrian beach has uncovered a rare sea anemone only once previously recorded in the county.

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  • Children are batty over bags

    Wednesday 8th February, 2012

    Children are getting bags of fun out of story sacks which bring them closer to wildlife in Barrow and Walney.

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  • Funding Success to Kick Start Discussion on Cumbria’s Natural Environment

    Friday 20th January, 2012

    Marsh Fritillary credit Steve Doyle

    A diverse partnership of individuals, businesses and organisations will be mobilised to safeguard Cumbria’s environment in the future.

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