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Hutton Roof Crags gallery

Hutton Roof Crags Nature Reserve has fascinating geology, beautiful plants and butterflies and stunning views. Take a look at what you can see there in our gallery.

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  • Aerial view of Hutton Roof Crags
  • Limestone pavement and glacial boulder
  • Limestone pavement and view across to Whitbarrow, Foulshaw and Humphrey Head
  • Limestone pavement grike has been worn by glacial movement and water
  • Hart's tongue fern growing in limestone pavement grike
  • Ridgid buckler ferm growning in limestone pavement grike
  • Lily of the valley
  • Solomon's seal in limestone pavement grike
  • Angular Solomon's seal
  • Early purple orchid growing in limestone pavement grike
  • Wood anemone
  • Guelder rose
  • Rue leaved saxifrage
  • Limestone fern growing in grike
  • Dark red helleborine
  • Dark red helleborine
  • Broad-leaved helleborine
  • Species-rich grassland
  • Juniper
  • Blue moor grass
  • Blue moor grass
  • Fly orchid
  • Spring sandwort
  • Carline thistle
  • Eyebright
  • Dropwort
  • Cow-wheat
  • Rockrose
  • Mouse-ear hawkweed
  • High brown fritillary butterfly
  • Wild thyme
  • Green hairstreak butterfly
  • Bird's-foot sedge
  • Pavement pan, home to algae and rare gnats
  • Stonechat