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A Nature and Wellbeing Act - one of our four asks


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two friends walking in the countrysidetwo friends walking in the countryside

This is a Big Ask – but if we don't ask, we won’t get the change that nature and people need.

Why do we need new legislation?
We need legislation that explicitly recognises the fundamental importance of the natural environment to our society and the economy.Nature has become more remote from us and less present in our daily lives. Conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression have increased.

We need to invest more time, energy, commitment and money into nature’s recovery – wildlife and wild places need it, and because our health, wellbeing and prosperity depend upon it.

What would the Act involve?
It would place nature at the heart of how decisions are made about health, housing and other development, education, economic growth, flood resilience and social cohesion.

What will it cost?
The National Ecosystem Assessment calculated that the wrong kind of economic growth between now and 2060 would cost the UK £20.7bn per year because of the damage it would cause. By contrast, putting nature at the heart of development would save £33bn per year.