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See if you can spot Risso’s Dolphins by taking part in a sea watch #NWDW #RissosDolphin #NationalMarineWeek

7 hours 55 min ago.

Moon jellyfish are one of the most common jellyfish species around our coasts #Moonjelly #NationalMarineWeek

10 hours 30 min ago.

Nephrops (scampi) live as deep as 800m down on the muddy seabed of the Irish Sea, beside sea pens #NationalMarineWeek

14 hours 45 min ago.

Sea pens: Consists of a colony of animals, all growing from one single polyp! #NationalMarineWeek

19 hours 40 min ago.

Common dolphins: regularly seen in the Irish Sea near the Mid St George’s Channel recommended Marine Conservation Zone #NationalMarineWeek

1 day 8 hours ago.

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Coastal Walk

Tuesday 29th July 2014,
11.00am - 1.00pm

Venue: South Walney

Come enjoy a coastal-themed walk around South Walney Nature Reserve to celebrate The Wildlife Trusts’ National Marine Week.

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