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Common lobsters can grow up to 1m in length and the heaviest ever recorded weighed over 9 kgs! #NationalMarineWeek

11 min 6 sec ago.

Basking shark: the second largest fish in the ocean growing up to 10 m long #BaskingShark #NationalMarineWeek

6 hours 16 min ago.

Watch out for gannets hitting the water at up to 100kph (62mph) as they dive for fish this #NationalMarineWeek

11 hours 26 min ago.

Wolffish: Has natural antifreeze in its blood to survive the chilling temps of the deep waters! #NationalMarineWeek

1 day 1 min ago.

Thanks to the 38 people who joined us whale and dolphin spotting at St. Bees Head on Saturday #NationalMarineWeek

1 day 2 hours ago.

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Conservation Work Party at Eycott Hill Site of Special Scientific Interest

Friday 1st August 2014,
10.00am - 3.30pm

Venue: Eycott Hill

Eycott Hill is a fantastic upland landscape of volcanic crags, rolling moorland and valley mires. Cumbria Wildlife Trust is in the process of acquiring this important site to protect its future and improve it for wildlife.

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Photo of Badger

Name: Badger

Scientific name: Meles meles

Category: Mammals

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