Help us to buy Eycott Hill

Eycott HillEycott Hill

The clock is ticking... can you help us to secure Eycott Hill as a nature reserve?

Eycott Hill was identified by Cumbria Wildlife Trust four years ago as a potential new nature reserve as it ticks all the boxes: rare species and habitats, great opportunities for restoration, central location and much more. So when it came up for sale the Trust had to move quickly to secure its future.

A sale price of £968,000 made the opportunity seem impossible until Esmée Fairbairn Finance Fund offered to purchase the land on behalf of Cumbria Wildlife Trust. We now have until the end of this year to raise the money to buy it from the Esmée Fairbairn Finance Fund, or Eycott Hill could then be sold on the open market. Time is of the essence. 

Find out more about Eycott Hill below.

Raising the money to make our vision a reality.

Whilst this presents us with a significant task, we have already secured £323,600. This is made up of £100,000 from legacies left to the Trust, donations totalling £143,600 from you, and other members, and grants totalling £80,000 from Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust and The Banister Charitable Trust. We now need your help to raise a further £26,400 to reach a third of the total amount, showing we have our match funding in place which is vital to highlight the strong commitment and public support we have towards protecting Eycott Hill as a nature reserve. 

Our vision for Eycott Hill is one where wildlife thrives and with improvements to visitor access you too can enjoy this special place. With such a rare opportunity to buy this Lake District fell with so much potential is a once in a life time opportunity. For this to happen we need to secure its purchase by the end of the year to save the site from going back onto the open market.

We are in the process of preparing our stage two application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant. To do this we must supply a lot more detailed information, part of this will be the match funding we can provide. As previously mentioned, by reaching a third of our total amount we will really be able to demonstrate our commitment. 

If you would like to make a donation towards buying Eycott Hill you can do so here or you can send a cheque into Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

Please do get in touch if you would like to know anything more – you can send me, Emma, an email.

Thank you for your support towards achieving our ambition to secure the future of Eycott Hill. You are putting us in a stronger position to go to funders such as the Heritage Lottery Fund and other charitable trusts.

Stuart Maconie says "Eycott Hill is right on my doorstep in Cumbria and is, I've always thought, a perfect example of the Lake District in miniature, a beautiful, rugged hill in some of North Cumbria's grandest and most unspoiled landscapes, nestling between the Pennines and the Back O'Skiddaw fells. But it has always been a difficult place to explore with little or no access to the footpaths that criss cross it. I fully support Cumbria Wildlife Trust in their bid to acquire it, to make it more accessible to all visitors while preserving its unique character and the wildlife and vegetation it has in such abundance."


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