Wildlife workshops for schools

Wildlife workshopWildlife workshop

Every school can benefit from our wildlife-based education activities. We can visit your school, grounds or local green spaces to deliver engaging and exciting outdoor learning for your classes.

Our wildlife workshops have strong curriculum links – from nocturnal wildlife to plants, habitats and more in science, but can also support your themed projects, eco-work and learning outside the classroom plans, or even provide creative inspiration for your literacy and artistic work.

Over 50 Cumbrian schools are now members of Wildlife Watch – our junior membership scheme - and receive regular materials to help with their classes and clubs. We now offer a terrific awards scheme suitable for all ages and abilities, providing a great learning scheme and objective for children.

What can we expect?

Each workshop includes a range of engaging activities to ensure all children can take part and learn at their own pace. Our visits are individually tailored to your needs through prior discussion. We welcome your requests!

A typical workshop will include a range of activities to enhance learning through interactive group discussion, practical tasks and creative games. Where possible we will present exciting real-life artefacts and examples for children to study.

Some workshops have wonderful interactive costumes as part of the session - prepare to become a tree, wildflower or even a fly!

We can also visit sites with you or meet up with your field trips – we have worked in many community wildlife areas from Warcop to Barrow, nature reserves, churchyards and the Lake District National Park.

Workshop Topics

Nocturnal Wildlife

Very popular - especially with year 2! Night-time birds, insects, mammals and more. 


A real-life look at Cumbrian wildlife heading towards extinction


Neither plant nor animal…so what are they? A great way to study micro-organisms! 


A close look at local plants and the role they play for wildlife

Tree Secrets

The importance of trees to our world and us

All At Sea

A look at Cumbria’s diverse coastal and marine wildlife

Water Cycle

With a focus on Cumbria’s fells, tarns, rivers and lakes

Winter Warmers

Hibernation, migration and even reindeer


From identification to food webs and bug hunting

Badger Needs a Home

A look at woods and habitat for the youngest children

Bird Spotters

Adaptation, nesting, feeding, migration and more

Countryside Code

How we can help our environment

We have over ten years’ experience of working successfully with local schools – please feel free to call to discuss your ideas with us.  For more information contact Jamie Normington on 01539 816300 or  jamien@cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk