Listen to the dawn chorus

The wildlife garden at PlumgarthsThe wildlife garden at Plumgarths

Listen to pre-recorded and live sound streaming of the dawn chorus via the links below.

Listen to live stream of birdsong from our wildlife garden

Cumbria Wildlife Trust went live worldwide with a microphone stationed at their headquarters at Plumgarths near Kendal in Cumbria in April 2016.

The microphone is on all of the time, and the main idea is to capture the sound of the dawn chorus live as it happens and broadcast it around the world for anyone who is awake and interested to hear.

Listen to the live stream of the microphone at the wildlife garden now 

Listen to a pre-record of the dawn chorus

Listen to a pre-recorded Dawn Chorus from Cumbria Wildlife Trust's wildlife garden at Plumgarths near Kendal in Cumbria.

How to get to our wildlife garden

Our wildlife garden is open to visitors all year round. Directions to our wildlife garden