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Osprey Easter Egg Hunt comp: 4th set of clues

Posted: Thursday 24th March 2016 by foulshaw-moss-osprey-viewpoint

Osprey nesting tree at Foulshaw Moss Nature ReserveOsprey nesting tree at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve

Here is a final set of clues to help you find the last lot of hidden osprey eggs…

Ospreys were severely persecuted across Europe in the past, but thankfully are beginning to increase in numbers today. To ensure they have continued success, The Wildlife Trusts work closely with farmers and landowners to promote wildlife-friendly practices.

The Wildlife Trusts are working towards a 'Living Landscape': a network of habitats and wildlife corridors across town and country, which are good for both wildlife and people. You can support this greener vision for the future by joining Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

It’s not really known exactly how ospreys achieve their feats of navigation. It’s likely to be a combination of visual clues, genetic instinct and geo-magnetic sense. Did you know that young ospreys make their first migration independently from their parents and still head south on similar routes and to similar areas?

It is thought they achieve this via inherited genetic programming guiding them where to go. If you head to our species page all about these magnificent birds of prey you might just find some more eggs there too.

p.s – To enter, remember to comment on our original blog the total number of eggs you find over the course our Osprey Easter Egg Hunt competition. 1st set of clues 2nd set of clues 3rd set of clues

We’ll be back after Easter to count up all the eggs and see how everyone fared! Good luck!

We hope you have a lovely Easter break and hope to see you out and about at one of our nature reserves. In the meantime, check out what’s on over the next few days.

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