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Osprey Easter Egg Hunt comp: 1st set of clues

Posted: Monday 21st March 2016 by foulshaw-moss-osprey-viewpoint

Osprey nesting tree at Foulshaw Moss Nature ReserveOsprey nesting tree at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve

Well, here’s our first set of clues to help you find the hidden Osprey eggs on our website...

With a variety of nature reserves around Cumbria to visit you can find the hidden corners where wildlife thrives.

If you’ve never visited the nature reserve where the Ospreys like to nest you might need to an introduction to Foulshaw Moss… Luckily for you there’s also a clutch of eggs hidden on that nature reserve page…

Volunteers are vital to all our nature conservation work whether on our nature reserves, helping in the office or supporting local groups around Cumbria. They make a real contribution to the conservation of Cumbria's wildlife and wild places by giving their time and volunteering to help wildlife thrive.
You might discover more eggs hidden on a page you’d perhaps go to if you wanted to find out What’s On. So if you fancied volunteering with a friend, or perhaps getting involved with some conservation work restoring habitat or can spare a couple of hours helping out with a survey then this is the page visit…to find out What’s On!

Happy egg finding!

p.s – To enter, remember to comment on the original blog with the number of osprey eggs you find.

Good luck!

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