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Posted: Thursday 9th April 2015 by foulshaw-moss-osprey-viewpoint

Little egretPhoto: Amy Lewis

Bird watcher David Thexton has sent us a bird list for Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve. He's seen 66 species in total in March, but here are the highlights.

Little egret: always present with a maximum of 4 birds on 24/03/15
Gadwall: maximum of 15 on 13/03/15
Shoveler. Photo Amy LewisTeal: maximum of 210 on 19/03/15
Pintail: maximum of 6 on 05/03/15
Wigeon: maximum of 10 on 19/03/15
Shoveler: a single on 05/03/15 was the only record. (Right, photo Amy Lewis)

Marsh harrier: 2 different second calendar year birds visited during the month though never both together - both birds have been regular visitors since last autumn
Hen harrier: a ringtail on 03/03/15 was the last sighting of a bird which has paid occasional visits to the reserve throughout the winter.

Water rail: Seen on four occasions during the month beneath the feeders in the car park
Great spotted woodpecker: a regular visitor to the feeders with two different males and one female involved
Green woodpecker: 1 calling on 18/03/15

FieldfareFieldfare: present throughout the month with a maximum of 350 on 18/03/15 (left, photo Dave Appleton)
Blackcap: a male defended the feeders in the car park throughout the month driving off all species which attempted to feed except great spotted woodpeckers and robins
Chiffchaff: the first of the spring sang briefly on 23/03/15.
Tree sparrow: 2 birds were in residence on the edge of the reserve.


Peacock butterfly


The first butterfly of the year was a peacock on 19/03/15 (right, photo Chris Maguire)


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