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Days Four to Twelve of 30 Days Wild

Posted: Monday 12th June 2017 by 30 days wild

River-kent-in-kendal-wildlife-walkView over the River Kent by Rosa Fowkes

Here are snippets of my adventures over the last few days for #30DaysWild...

Days Four to Six 





 I took a stroll down the River Kent in Kendal. I saw various gulls, mallard and swallows darting about near the surface of the water








It did not stop raining today, from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to bed. A colleague suggested I go and have a look at the pond in our office gardens. Perfect timing as the rain held off for just a few minutes. It was amazing to see how much life there was surrounding the pond – especially flowers, including ragged robin and yellow iris.The gardens and pond are open to the public so you are more than welcome to come and have a wander. 








Days Six to Eight 

I picked these great little butterfly stencils up the other day and had an experiment session.    










I particularly like the two colours and intricate detailing in this one.









I met up with a friend for lunch today – on the only sunny day of the week which was lucky! It was lovely to have lunch in the sun the middle of a busy day at work.



Days Nine to Twelve 











I'm doing a print making evening course at the moment, and absolutely loving it. This week was screenprinting, so I did an underwater themed one for World Ocean Day today.











After a rather mixed week weather wise, it was nice to be able to nip out for a walk at lunch. There is a walk down a lane that I do on a regular basis with other staff members.










Georgie tending to the kitchen plants at work!
















I started the working week off right with an evening walk in the local park. 


What's everyone else been doing? I can't believe we're nearly at the mid-way point of  #30DaysWild already!




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