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Swift. Photo John BridgesSwift. Photo John Bridges

This consultation is a once in a generation chance for us to influence the state of nature in England. If the Government gets it right there is a real opportunity to reverse wildlife declines that we continue to see. Please tell the Government to #ActSwiftly for wildlife.

The Government has launched a consultation about what will replace the current system of farming subsidies when we leave the European Union. This consultation will inform the Government’s vision for land management and farming far into the future.

How we manage our land, and the way government influences this through subsidies, has a massive impact on wildlife. All the evidence shows that agricultural management and climate change have been the two major drivers of wildlife loss in the UK in recent decades. This needs to change if wildlife is to thrive in the future.

Your help is crucial. The Government always listens to the majority voice, so please help to make our voice for wildlife and wild places the loudest.

We think it is essential that public money given to farmers should be for delivering benefits to society. This means paying farmers and land managers to do things differently, such as creating more habitats for wildlife, helping tackle climate change, reducing and preventing flooding.

Unlike food production, these are all benefits to people and communities that cannot be paid for by the ‘market’ and therefore need government support if they are to be delivered. 

Please make your voice heard. Help us ensure that public money is spent on helping protect and restore the wildlife that we all care so much about.

There are three ways that you can respond to the consultation:

1. Write your own personal letter with your thoughts, feelings and memories about the wildlife that is especially valuable to you. Tell the government that you want public money to be spent on protecting that precious wildlife and the places that it lives. You can use information from this leaflet to help you to compose your letter. You can send your letters to us to forward on or otherwise, directly to DEFRA at:

Agriculture Consultation Team
1b - Future Farming Directorate
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Nobel House
17 Smith Square

2. Respond using our on-line form. This form asks you to respond to just 7 questions from the full consultation, which we feel are important. Please click here

3. Respond to the full consultation on the governments online portal: Please click here to find out more about the consultation. 

Please click here to see our response.

It is imperative that we act now. Please send us your response by May 5th 2018 at the latest – before the Government consultation closes.

Don’t wait until it is too late to let the Government know that you care about wildlife - get your voice heard.


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