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Thank you for your incredible support of this live osprey camera.

Unfortunately, the both cameras on the nest stopped working towards the end of summer 2020. We know how important it is for you, our viewers, to have this camera in place. So, we are currently working on a new camera system to be installed and ready for the ospreys returning.

If you are able to, please will you donate towards the replacement cameras?  We would very much appreciate it if you can. Or if you'd like to make a regular donation, please consider joining us. Join us  Donate to help now                                               

Last year, these cameras proved more valuable than ever bringing some much-needed joy into all our lives. The intimate access into the daily lives of these ospreys, that this camera has brought, has been a welcome distraction – and a connection with the natural world...

Here's what some of you told us:

"I can say that your webcam and the ospreys have got me through lockdown! I have looked in multiple times each day and watched nest building through hatching, feeding and stretching ready for flight. It has been brilliant. Thank you."

"I just so appreciate the facility and the pleasure watching the ospreys return, mate, lay, incubate and rear two healthy birds until nearly migration. The camera has hardly been off line all summer so we’ve seen all the significant aspects of their lives. It’s been so informative and relaxing for me as I’ve had family illness and bereavement to deal with. I’ve also valued the contact/ comradeship of the other cam watchers through the comments posters. Thank you Cumbria Wildlife Trust."

"Have been watching the Foulshaw Moss ospreys during Covid lockdown. Mesmerising! I'm donating to keep up the good work."

A huge thank you for your donations towards Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve and the osprey cam. We could not maintain this precious rare habitat or indeed provide the insight to the nest without your incredibly generous support. Thank you.

Please stay with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we'll keep you updated.

Thank you.

image of Ospreys blue 35 and white yw at foulshaw moss nature reserve nest

About the #FoulshawMoss breeding pair of ospreys 

The ospreys that favour Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve near Witherslack as their breeding ground migrate to their wintering grounds in Autumn, most likely West Africa or Europe. 

The male, identified by his 'White YW' leg ring, hatched at Bassenthwaite in 2008. The female, identified by her 'Blue 35' leg ring, hatched at Kielder in 2010.

If you can, please help by making a donation now  Donate to help now

Whatever you can afford to give will help with the cost for running and maintaining this web cam and to keeping Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve the wonderful place it is for wildlife. Thank you

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If you have any questions for our Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Officer do send them in via our Twitter page using #FoulshawOspreys or commenting below and we'll come back to you as soon as we can.

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Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve © Ian Alexander Waite

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With thanks to:

  • Langdale based firm Radiata Specialist Tree Services for their support with the nest platform construction and ongoing web camera maintenance.
  • Swarovski Optik for helping with the purchase of the telescope at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve
  • Individuals and funders who made a donation to make this project possible.
  • The amazing volunteers who are on-site in all weathers to watch the ospreys and welcome visitors.

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Female osprey Blue 35 at the Aguilar de Campoo reservoir in northern Spain, between León and Bilbao © Alberto Benito Ruiz


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Osprey family in the roost tree at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve in 2015 © Ian Alexander Waite