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Osprey live nest cam at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve is off line now the ospreys have migrated

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The ospreys that favour Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve near Witherslack as their breeding ground migrate to their wintering grounds in Autumn, most likely West Africa or Europe. The male, identified by his 'White YW' leg ring, hatched at Bassenthwaite in 2008. The female, identified by her 'Blue 35' leg ring, hatched at Kielder in 2010. ***Osprey cam is now off line until next year*** Be amongst the first to hear when ospreys have returned each year by signing up to our osprey e-news using the blue button above!

About osprey nest cam

Thank you to everybody's kind and generous donations towards the live web cam streaming. Getting the cameras up and running is made possible only because of generous donations from people like you.

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We hoped to be able to include sound and night-vision this year but, as we haven't yet covered the costs of buying and installing the cameras last year, we don't have the money for this. You can help by making a kind donation here.  If you are having any trouble viewing the live web cam, try pressing F5 to refresh the page.





About this osprey nest cam location

Our camera provides an up close and personal view of the Ospreys' lives and the action as it unfolds plus a great view of Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve. Read more about our work and how you can help protect the ospreys' habitat Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve.

If you spot anything happening on the nest, we'd love to know by commenting below, it is a huge help to us when we go back over the recorded footage. Just comment below with your wildlife sighting including the date and time and, if possible, a screen grab too. Happy osprey cam watching!

If you have any questions for Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Officer do send them in via our Twitter page using #FoulshawOspreys or commenting below and we'll come back to you as soon as we can.

Archive of updates:

13 September: It appears that the family of four ospreys have left on their migration to wintering grounds however this is not official! Birds are still being seen at the reserve which could be #FoulshawOspreys OR other ospreys simply taking a pit stop on their way south.

2nd September: Yesterday morning one osprey was seen flying about by one of our volunteers at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve. We'll see what the next couple of days brings before we declare them migrated.

30th August: Have the birds left already? Migration may have begun for at least one of our four ospreys. Usually the female will head off first.

15th August: All four ospreys are still at the nature reserve and will begin their migration towards the end of this month/early September. Do take a visit to Foulshaw Moss nature reserve if you get a chance this month - you may catch a glimpse of the birds from the viewing platform (a scope is available to use when staff/volunteers are on-site).

12th August: There is a report that female Blue 35 may have already set off however this is not yet verified. 

25th July: THANK YOU to everybody who has sent in reports of your observations about Blue V9's 1st flight - most likely this morning. So, both chicks have now fledged! 

20th July: Blue V8 took her first flight on 14th July! Blue V9 (male) will hopefully follow suit this week too! 

14th July: The youngsters - Blue V8 (female) and Blue V9 (male) are starting to stretch their wings with lots of wing flapping going on and short take offs from the nest. 

1st July: The two chicks were ringed with ID rings on 30th June afternoon; Blue V9 and Blue V8 and it is was noted that it is likely that Blue V9 is a male and Blue V8 is a female. More details to follow in our next Foulshaw Ospreys blog!  

30th June: The process of ringing the two chicks with unique identification leg bands is scheduled today and the web cam will be off line from mid afternoon. We expect to be back online later in the afternoon.  

17th June: The two osprey chicks are growing fast now and are starting to get their first feathers. 

3rd June: We can confirm that one of the 3 osprey chicks, likely the last one to hatch, sadly did not survive in the nest for more than a few days; the cause is unknown.

31st May: The 3rd chick hatched on Friday 27th May. Reports of the 3rd chick not being seen to have been moving within the past 24 hours and during feeding times has been reported by a few of osprey cam viewers. We hope to bring you more of an update on this as soon as possible. 

27th May: 3rd chick has hatched!

25th May: A 2nd chick has hatched! Most likely hatched early this morning. One egg left to hatch. Most likely will be this week - if you see any signs whilst watching tweet us or comment below!

23rd May: One of the three eggs hatched! 

5th May: Three eggs confirmed! Thank you to everyone for reporting your sightings to us. The pair will incubate their trio of eggs for 35-42 days – usually the female, but the male will do so too.

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This project is in partnership, with thanks to:

  • Langdale based firm Radiata Specialist Tree Services for their support with the nest platform construction and ongoing web camera maintenance.
  • 2020 Vision for the provision of the web cams and installation.
  • Stream Days for transmitting the live stream.
  • Swarovski Optik for helping with the purchase of the telescope at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve.

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