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Osprey live nest cam at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve

Blue 35 and White YW ospreys at Foulshaw Moss nestBlue 35 and White YW ospreys at Foulshaw Moss nest

Recent events - On Wednesday 19 July, five ospreys were seen flying about over Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve early evening. That is likely to be our two adults and their three fledged chicks! The three osprey chicks are now known as Blue U0, Blue U9 and Blue N0 which reflects their ID leg rings.

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Watch live osprey cam:

Listen live from the osprey nest:

About osprey nest cam and the breeding pair

The ospreys that favour Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve near Witherslack as their breeding ground migrate to their wintering grounds in Autumn, most likely West Africa or Europe.

White YW and Blue 35 at nest at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve 2017The male, identified by his 'White YW' leg ring, hatched at Bassenthwaite in 2008. The female, identified by her 'Blue 35' leg ring, hatched at Kielder in 2010. Both adults arrived back at the nest 30th March 2017 at around 2.20pm.

Thank you to everybody's kind and generous donations towards the live web cam streaming. Getting the cameras up and running is made possible only because of generous donations from people like you. And this year we are are delighted to be able to upgrade the foulshaw osprey web cam experience with sound streaming live from the nest! 

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If you spot anything happening on the nest, we'd love to know by commenting below, it is a huge help to us when we go back over the recorded footage.

Just comment below with your wildlife sighting including the date and time and, if possible, a screen grab too. Happy osprey cam watching!

Osprey on nest at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve 2017If you have any questions for Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Officer do send them in via our Twitter page using #FoulshawOspreys or commenting below and we'll come back to you as soon as we can.

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Be amongst the first to hear when ospreys have returned each year by signing up to our osprey e-news!

About this osprey nest cam location

Our camera provides an up close and personal view of the Ospreys' lives and the action as it unfolds plus a great view of Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve.

With thanks to:

  • Langdale based firm Radiata Specialist Tree Services for their support with the nest platform construction and ongoing web camera maintenance.
  • Swarovski Optik for helping with the purchase of the telescope at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve
  • Individuals and funders who made a donation to make this project possible.

Catch up with the lastest events at the nest and get to know the ospreys via our Foulshaw Moss Ospreys blog

Archive of updates:

Sunday 2 July, three chicks were confirmed at the nest and fitted with Darvic ID rings. The three osprey chicks, are now known as Blue U0, Blue U9 and Blue N0.

Friday 16 June: Two osprey chicks have been sighted at the nest! The adults settled at another nest on the reserve around 28 April. Do head down to the nature reserve and see if you can see them yourself; telescope available when staff/volunteers are on-site.  

19 May: Blue 35 and White YW have settled at another nest on the reserve since around 28 April. We are more or less certain they've been tending to a clutch of eggs over the past 3 weeks; all being well, their eggs should hatch end of May/beginning of June.

28 April: We're pretty certain that Blue 35 and White YW have settled at another nest on the reserve. They have, however, been showing signs of nest defending behaviour at this web cam nest (which they have used over the past couple of years. Either Blue AK1 or Blue MU is still around... Live sound streaming is now back on.

26 April: A newcomer arrived at the nest this morning around 09:30hrs, stayed looking about for an hour and 30min, flew off at 10:57hrs. No nest building behaviour observed. Identified as a Blue MU, Female, Hatched 2010, Ringed 22 July 2010, Monymusk, Aberdeenshire. 

19 April: An 'intruder' osprey observed around 16:40hrs today on cam nest. It's ID ring appears to be AK1. AK1 is a female osprey, born in 2013 at Loch Eye, Easter Ross. Could she be passing through on her way to Scotland or is she checking out the nest for a future breeding ground?

18 April: Over Easter bank holiday weekend, an unidentified osprey with a blue leg ring was chased off the cam nest by Blue 35 female. Blue 35 was observed sitting on the other nest (off camera) most of the time over the past 3 days so eggs are likely to have been laid. White YW bringing in fish.
The live sound stream of the cam 

12 April The pair have been rearranging the cam nest today, and Blue 35 has been observed nest cupping which is a promising sign; a behaviour that indicates preparation of a cavity created before egg laying.

10th April 15:29hrs: The pair were observed mating, then both flew off. White YW then re-appeared a couple of minutes later nest arranging. Blue 35 likely perched on top of the web cam equipment overseeing matters!

7th April: 11:09hrs The pair of ospreys are back at the cam nest after a few days of absence. Blue 35 is observed resting on edge of nest preening her feathers whilst White YW is seen flying. The ospreys do use the camera equipment as a perch too which is off camera view. It is not clear yet whether they are settling with the cam nest or another nest on the reserve. Keep up to date with the latest via Twitter #FoulshawOspreys

6th April: The pair of ospreys have been back and forth between this nest and another over the past few days. It isn't clear yet if they have settled at the other nest and they do tend to perch on top of the cam equipment so please let us know if you spot them! It does happen and unfortunately and we cannot bring any footage from the other nest as we hadn't foreseen that they would move given they have been using this nest for the past few years. The birds can still be spotted at the reserve from our viewing platform there, along with lots of other wildlife. Binoculars and telescope are available to use when our staff / volunteers are on-site, which is most of the time. 

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