Support your local wildlife with Vine House Farm birdfood

Vine House Farm 10 year partnership with The Wildlife Trusts - working together Image of Vine House Farm 10 year partnership with The Wildlife Trusts

We recommend Vine House Farm bird food. Not only do the birds love it, but they farm in a way which encourages wildlife and they give 4.5% of sales straight to your local Wildlife Trust helping to protect your local wildlife.

Wildlife friendly bird food delivered to your door.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Vine House Farm, an award winning farm with an inspiring commitment to nature conservation - bringing wildlife friendly farming and gardening together.

The Wildlife Trusts have worked with Vine House Farm Bird Foods since 2008. We work with them because as much seed as possible is grown, packaged and dispatched from their conservation award winning farm in Lincolnshire. 

Vine House Farm and Cumbria Wildlife Trust working ten years togetherVine House Farm Bird Foods has been working with The Wildlife Trusts for the past 10 years, helping to protect and restore areas for nature and inspire people to experience wildlife first-hand.

To date, Vine House Farm’s donations have totalled over £1,250,000, including over £12,668 for Cumbria Wildlife Trust. 

To find out more about Vine House Farm and to buy bird food direct from their conservation award-winning farm visit Vine House Farm website

Wildlife friendly farming

Nicholas Watts and his team farm in a way that encourages wildlife whilst running a thriving company growing and selling bird seed, feeders and other wildlife gardening supplies to the general public.

Commitment to The Wildlife Trusts

Vine House Farm is dedicated to supporting the work of The Wildlife Trusts and donates 4.5% of their sales. We also receive a £5 donation for every new customer. So, tell your family and friends!

To date, partnership between Vine House Farm and The Wildlife Trusts has raised over £1,250,000, including over £12,668 for Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

Five Reasons to Purchase from Vine House Farm

  1. Vine House Farm directly supports your local Wildlife Trust, with 4.5% commission on all purchases made in your local area and £5 for every new customer!
  2. Award winning farm and conversation work with most of their seed mixes grown and delivered directly from their farm
  3. All prices including delivery, no hidden charges, next day delivery (so no worries about having to carry it home from the shop)
  4. Large range of bird food, feeders, nest boxes and accessories (like the ones you see on our webcam
  5. Excellent, friendly customer service with great information and advice about our wild birds 

Each purchase you make will help raise even more to help protect Cumbria's wildlife. Request a catalogue on 01775 630208 or click here to visit the Vine House Farm online shop

News from the farm

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