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Win for Wildlife

Enter the Lottery online today or by:

Direct Debit - please download a Win for Lottery entry form here, complete and send to our main office at Plumgarths address above

Cheque ( annual payment) - send a cheque for the amount you want to play

Phone - do call our offices on 01539 816300 and we can talk to you about the options to play and take secure payment over the phone.


Our Fundraising Promise

Play our Lottery and Win for Wildlife

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Your chance to win £500 whilst helping wildlife 

Since our Win for Wildlife lottery started - 2,023 winners have shared a prize fund of over £114,080 and raised £156,086 to protect wildlife across the North West.

How to enter Cumbria Wildlife Trust lottery for wildlife button What would you do if you won £500? Be in it for your chance to win!

Every month there are great cash prizes on offer, including a monthly jackpot of £500! Imagine treating yourself with this - what would you spend it on?

It's only £2 per entry. So, if you love local nature and wildlife here's something wonderful you can do to help protect it. And of course you have a real chance of winning £500 each month too.

Entering is great value and offers a far greater chance of winning than most lotteries. All profits go directly to protecting wildlife - so you guarantee that your money goes to keeping Cumbria an amazing place for people and for wildlife.

How it works

  • Hassle free - when you sign up online you'll be entered into the draw automatically for the next 12 months.
  • You will be allocated a unique lottery number, which remains yours for as long as you continue playing.
  • You can have as many lottery numbers as you like for only £2 each. The more numbers you play, the greater chance of winning! 
  • On the 20th of every month (or the next working day), the lucky winners are selected at random. Prize cheques are issued automatically and posted to arrive with you the following week. This means there's no need to laboriously check your number and put in a claim. You can also check the winning numbers on this page.
  • Once you've entered, we’ll let you know your numbers and the date of your first lottery draw.
  • Players MUST be 16 years or over.

Since the lottery started there has been over 1,690 lucky winners - you could be next!

Our May 2018 winners are:

113650A 1st prize (£500)
114445A 2nd prize (£100)
130179B 3rd prize (£25)
130787D 4th prize (£10)
113683B 5th prize (£10)
113918B 6th prize (£10)
112486A 7th prize (£10)  

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