Discover Barrow's Wildside

Barrow has some great places for wildlife. The fantastic coast line, where you can spot birds, seals or hunt for wildflowers in the dunes or on the shingle, is an obvious place to start. But there are many more lesser known places to discover wildlife

So.. explore Barrow's wildplaces, download audio trails, listen to students from Furness Academy, Kids- find out what Benjamin has been up to


Discover Barrow's wilder side

Familiar places, new discoveries....

Get out and discover the wildside of familiar places such as  Abbots Wood, Cavendish Dock, Biggar Bank, Ormsgill Quarry, Vickerstown Park or Barrow Park.  

If you would like to explore even more secret places try a visit to Stank Moss, Northscale Pond, Lesh lane, Ormsgill Reservoir,  Park Road Woods or Mill Lane Pond 

Try out our Audio Guides to Walney Islands Wild places

Download MP3 podcasts to take you on a tour of South Walney nature reserve, the former landfil site on Walney Island, Biggar Bank, Mill Lane Pond and North Walney National Nature Reserve

View Barrows Wild Places in a larger map

What we think of Barrow's wilder places - students from Furness Academy reveal

Benjamins Adventures in Barrow's wild places

Benjamin gets up to all sorts of adventures when he visits some wildplaces in Barrow.  You can read all about the things Benjamin and his friend Glen get up to by downloading one of his stories to read.

If you have enjoyed reading all about Benjamin you might have fun with one of his story sacks.  These contain a story and toys to help make his stories get even more lively!  Story sacks are available for loan from Action for Children centres in Barrow in Furness


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