Osprey web cam 2016 clips Foulshaw Moss

2016 Foulshaw Osprey nest cam clips

The adult ospreys in these video clips recorded from the Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve nest web cam are 'White YW' (darvic leg ring ID) male hatched at Bassenthwaite in 2008 and female  'Blue 35' hatched at Kielder in 2010. Their two off spring in spring 2016 can be identified by blue leg rings: Blue V8 and Blue V9. 

Watch the first egg hatch, the adults protecting their young in hailstone showers, eating fish, and the juveniles' first flights.

The juvenile ospreys are given their ID rings.

In this video clip the #FoulshawOsprey chicks are both now successfully fledged and flying around the nest.