Meadow Life photo competition 2015 entries and winners

Here you can view the entries and winners of our 2015 Meadow Life photo competition.

During the spring and summer our beautiful Cumbrian hay meadows are bursting with life and colour. This year Meadow Life project celebrated their diversity by capturing it on camera!

This photo competition was open to anyone with a camera, whether professional or enthusiast, and included a class for children.


  1. Living meadows – This could be a view of a meadow in flower or images capturing how people use and experience our meadows.
  2. Meadow wildlife – Show the diversity of life in meadows with your images of meadow plant species, mammals, birds and insects.
  3. Artistic vision – Here the more artistic photographers amongst you have an opportunity to depict hay meadows in more abstract ways.
  4. Junior category (under-16) – This category is aimed at young, budding photographers. You can use the above categories for guidance and inspiration but your pictures will be judged in this category.

Meadow Life photo competition 2015 Winners:

Meadow Life Photo Competition 2015 Winners

Meadow Life photo competition 2015 Entries:

Meadow Life Photo Competition 2015 Entries