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Over Kellet Pond

Pond supporting breeding amphibians as well as wetland plantlife and invertebrates.

This small pond is an important area of wetland habitat bounded by pasture and the houses and footpaths of Over Kellet village.


Five species of amphibian are known to have bred on the reserve: Common Frog and Common Toad, Palmate Newt, Smooth Newt and the European protected Great Crested Newt. The pond lies in an area where the geographical ranges of all five species coincide. Notable wetland plants include species of base-rich swamps such as Bladder Sedge (Vulnerable in Lancashire) and Marsh Cinquefoil. Bog Pondweed and Horned Pondweed also occur.


Marginal vegetation includes rushes, Yellow Iris, Purple-loosestrife, Greater Reedmace, Reed Canary-grass, Cuckooflower and Great Willowherb. Invertebrates recorded include 19-spot Ladybird, Guelder-rose Leaf Beetle and White Ramshorn Snail.

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Reserve is at the southern end of Greenways in the village of Over Kellet, east of Carnforth.
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SD 525 698
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