Recycle your old mobile phone & printer cartridges with us

Reduce waste and raise funds

The average mobile phone user replaces their phone every 18 months, usually keeping the old handset as an unnecessary spare in a drawer or throwing it away.

However your disused mobile phone has value! Taking the simple step to donate your rejected phone for recycling will give the environment a double helping hand. By recycling your mobile phone with us, you will not only reduce waste, you will also raise money to help our vital conservation work.

Any phone that is no longer working can be taken to bits and used as parts in industry. Working phones are re-sold as affordable mobiles in developing countries, bringing the benefits of improved communications to developing economies.

In terms of the cost to the environment it is better to re-use than to recycle. But if a phone cannot be re-used it is better to recycle it than to bin it. Phones of any age and condition can be donated. 

Recycling disused mobile phones and printer cartridges has raised over £4000 for Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s work.

Please consider recycling your old mobile or printer cartridge with us.

Mobile phone recycling - Changes in the way Royal Mail work mean that mobile phones can no longer be posted in freepost envelopes. Instead you can drop them of at Cumbria Wildlife Trust offices and, when we have at least 25 phones Recycle4Charity will pick them up form us (free of charge). 

Inkjet cartridge recycling - you can request a freepost envelope by following this link  to Recycle4Charity (or we can send one to you in the post).

You can send back up to 5 cartridges at a time.

Inkjets fit in the palm of your hand and have a circuit board on the bottom where the ink is dispersed. These cartridges have a recycling value when empty. The circuit boards are patented and cannot be made from new, so an empty must be found and refilled in order to make an alternative to the full OEM product.

Please note Epson or Kodak ones are actually “ink tanks” rather than inkjets and cannot be reused. These ink tanks sometimes have a small memory chip but they do not have a circuit board so they can be easily mass-produced by anyone. This makes the empty ink tank cartridge worthless.

Laser and toner cartridge recycling -  please follow this link to Zero Waste Recycling