Legacies - A huge thank you

Image of meadow flowers - Photo Kiera NelsonImage of meadow flowers - Photo Kiera Nelson

When you remember Cumbria Wildlife Trust in your will, your generosity and kindness will never be forgotten.

Thank you to the following people whose legacies live on

Year In Memory Donations Gifts in Wills
2017 Robert Coulthard Joan Mary Lord
  Stephen Owen Robert Kinley
  Ellis Hughes Jenifer Leech
  Chris Gibson Jean Wolstenholme
  Mollie Points Kim Lyon
  Aileen Adams Margaret Green
2016 Margaret Green George Roden
  Margaret Gregory Doreen Massey
  John Tew Dr J R Edge
  Elizabeth Walton Rosemary Lowry
  Doreen Cox Helga Frankland
  David Nicholas Jenifer Leech
  Maggie Beattie Maurice Hodgson
  Mark Keighley Juliet Kay
  Gillian Myers Michael Bell
  Joan Lowden  
  Jean Parker  
  Doreen Massey  
  Ray Downes  
  John Ediss  
2015 Connie Kingston Patricia Nuttall
  Mr Jennings Elizabeth Crowther
  Gerald Daltry Beryl Thompson
  Ivy Edmonson Christine Jones
  Caroline Worrell Marian Page
  Helga Frankland Madge Donnelly
  Chris Middlemass Mary Burkett
    Marian Salway
    Margaret Dunglinson
    Helen Park
2014 Tessa Wilson Elsie Isabel Segger
  Elspeth Horton Dorothy Barnes
  Margaret Wall Ronald Graydon
  Millicent Letheren Tessa Wilson
  Peter Wigglesworth George Woods
  Audrey Smith Margaret Coupland
  Mary Burkett George Wilson

Contact us

If you have made an in-memory donation to Cumbria Wildlife Trust or a member of your family has left us a legacy which is not recorded here and you would like them to be then please email Helen Duxbury helend@cumbriawildlifetrust.org