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1 hour 47 min ago.

RT @rebeccalynam18: Latterbarrow is looking wild and beautiful these days @cumbriawildlife

8 hours 20 min ago.

@neil_in_barrow @martinlewes @photocumbria I was off sick when they ran the moth course but I'm about to do a bumble bee one! Charlotte

8 hours 21 min ago.

Send us your photos of Allonby Bay and it's wildlife - we'd love to share them with everyone

21 hours 24 min ago.

@martinlewes I'm afraid this pic is a bit fuzzy to tell. It looks massive to me! Charlotte

1 day 1 hour ago.

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Conservation Work Party at Barkbooth Lot Nature reserve - This event has been cancelled

Thursday 24th July 2014,
10.00am - 3.30pm

Venue: Barkbooth Lot Nature reserve

Join us to make a real difference at Barkbooth Lot Nature Reserve. In this wonderful setting at the head of the Winster Valley we will be controlling bracken, improving the habitat for the benefit of rare butterflies.

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Photo of Badger

Name: Badger

Scientific name: Meles meles

Category: Mammals

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