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Getting to know the #FoulshawOspreys

Posted: Thursday 2nd March 2017 by foulshaw-moss-osprey-viewpoint

A pair of Ospreys on the nest at Foulshaw Moss Nature ReserveBlue 35 and White YW sat on the nest at Foulshaw Moss

In anticipation of the return of the #FoulshawOspreys to our Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve I thought I would take this opportunity to get to know our breeding pair a bit better and to have a look back over their past 4 years of summering at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve.

Mum and Dad - aka Blue 35 and White YW

Male osprey White YW perched in a tree


Osprey: White YW
Gender: Male
Age: 9 years old (in 2017)
Year of birth: 2008
Birthplace: Bassenthwaite Lake, Keswick
Parents: Both the male and female were not ringed. The male, known as ‘No-ring’, is Bassenthwaite’s original male that first breed there in 2001. The female is known as ‘Mrs No-ring’
Siblings: Male White YY and male Yellow 7V
Chicks fledged: 8
Satellite tracked: No

The adult male, known by his leg identification ring White YW, is a local lad, having hatched at Bassenthwaite Lake, Keswick, in 2008. He was one of three osprey chicks that fledged that nest.


Female osprey Blue 35 sat on the nest

Osprey: Blue 35
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years old (in 2017)
Year of birth: 2010
Birthplace: Kielder Forest and Water Park
Parents: Both the female and male were not ringed but are believed to be the original pair that first arrived at Kielder in 2008
Siblings: Female Blue 34 (named Aqua) and female Blue 36 (named Spray)
Chicks fledged: 8
Satellite tracked: No  

The adult female ringed Blue 35, is a fledgling from Kielder, Northumberland, hatching in 2010. She was one of three osprey chicks that fledged that nest. Blue 35 was the first known Kielder osprey fledgling to return from migration and breed, producing Kielder’s first ‘grandchicks’ in 2014. Blue 35 was named Splash in a naming competition at Kielder.

Watch video highlights of Blue 35 from her time at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve in 2015 



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About Grace: A student placement gaining experience in wildlife conservation alongside Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Officer Paul Waterhouse.

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