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We have chicks but no colour!

Posted: Friday 20th June 2014 by foulshaw-moss-osprey-viewpoint

It has been a frustrating week or so at Foulshaw. Lots to do, that simply hasn’t lent time to update the blog as much as I would wish. I am pleased to note however, that we do have two osprey chicks in the nest and they hatched around 4th or 6th June. The birds are providing some excellent displays, bringing in fish and feeding the young. I would thoroughly recommend a visit if you have not done already and remember to take a good telescope if you can as the nest site is quite a distance.

We have unfortunately also had an issue with the camera that looks into the nest. This one requires mobile phone signal and the signal has started dropping out during the day. We are therefore only getting images from the nest during 11pm and 5am! We believe Vodafone are doing maintenance works.


The images are fairly clear and show much activity but are unfortunately only in black and white. The image shown shows a little black chick head. Can you spot it?

We are aware just how frustrating this is for everyone, including ourselves. Unfortunately, this is something that we aren’t able to fix, now the birds are in residence and with young, we cannot go out to the nest to alter matters. On a positive note, the camera will still be taking some stunning images and storing them on an internal card. We just cannot see them until they fledge! We’ll have to just wait…..

Last nights image shows the chicks are growing rapidly and are a growing feature in the nest.

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