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Moth Identification courseCanary-shouldered thorn moth

On the 8th August Nigel Voeden showed us the inner workings of moth identification, and how we could become experts.

In the morning after slight technical difficulty we began looking at the masses of examples he had caught for us to identify. This was great as I had failed miserably at emptying the moth trap that had been placed on Eycott Hill. I will confess now, if they fly in my face I turn into a little girl and squeal rather than catching them in a specimen pot. So thank you to Nigel for covering up the fact I am rubbish!

The morning session went well with people soaking up Nigel’s knowledge about the moths and how to identify them, looking at the colourful and furry moths within the jars. We had people from all kinds of backgrounds learning together about a species that there are only a few specialists in the country.

In the afternoon once the rain and wind had cleared and we were armed with new knowledge on moths, we went out onto Eycott Hill in search of species to be identified. At this point I realise moths fly away when 15 people are running round fields with nets trying to catch them all like Pokémon. After catching a few, identifying some caterpillars and catching a frog we called it a successful day.

I feel like a learnt a lot but there is still more species to learn on Eycott Hill let alone Cumbria, but I will try. I will even try be less useless at opening moth traps! ( I said try, so no promises).



Large emeraldCanary thorn

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