Osprey web cam footage 2016 Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve

Ospreys at nest at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve in CumbriaOspreys at nest at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve in Cumbria

This page features an archive collection of short video clips of #FoulshawOspreys in 2016 at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve in Cumbria.

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Archived osprey cam 2016 footage:

The adult ospreys in this archive of video footage from the Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve web cam are 'White YW' (darvic leg ring ID) male hatched at Bassenthwaite in 2008 and female  'Blue 35' hatched at Kielder in 2010. Their two off spring in spring 2016 can be identified by blue leg rings: V8 and V9.  Blue 35 and White YW raised three young in 2015, you can watch 2015 osprey videos here

Osprey juveniles ID ringing:

The 2016 #FoulshawOsprey chicks are both now successfully fledged and flying around the nest: